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We are a group of eco-friendly, sea and travel enthusiasts who dream of a quiet and small life. We dreamed of having a getaway with our kids, friends or alone.

We added One Life Pods to our light steel system structures manufacturing, which we have been continuing since 2004, to create new alternative lives for those who think like us.

Do you want to build a studio or 1+1 house on your land or in a corner of your garden? Or do you need a small office space? Who wouldn't want to reach these minimal spaces without dealing with construction troubles? With One Life Pods, it is now much easier to access living spaces that can be prepared completely in the factory and placed wherever you want, turnkey.

Pods and this way of life primarily emerged from the idea of ​​making a simple and comfortable life for people living in western countries. Pod is a nice alternative for modern urban people who want to live life in touch with nature, but also do not want to give up comfort. The general preference reason for these houses is that they offer a minimal life in nature. Pods have been an opportunity for those who want to get away from city life. Pods are a very attractive option for those who prefer calmness, staying away from the noise of the city and freedom. Shortly, it is an ideal way of life for those who want a small home life and peace. It offers you the opportunity to take up different hobbies and discover yourself. It contains comfort that will make your life easier. You can always feel the naturalness and peace offered by nature. Based on the minimal life philosophy, it offers a plain, simple, free, detached, and active life. It is more economical and more accessible than other living spaces. There are many different plots of land in our country with many natural beauties and structural features. This type of construction on these lands does not disrupt the integrity of nature and liberates you more with the comfort you have. One Life creates new lives for you with its nearly 20 years of industry experience, designs that comply with the legislation and smart solutions. One Life Pods are available in different models and sizes. One Life Pods are made of light steel frame, have a natural interior and specially designed exterior, and are efficient thermally insulated products.