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As Con-imex, we added Boxes to our light steel system structures manufacturing, which we have been continuing since 2004, to create new alternative lives. Boxes are structures formed by combining modular cells. We design and manufacture structures such as residences, hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc. with boxes.


Boxes and a lifestyle integrated with nature emerged primarily from the idea of ​​people living in western countries living a simple and comfortable life in a smaller and faster way. Box is a nice alternative for modern urban people who want to live life in touch with nature, but also do not want to give up comfort. The general preference reason for these houses is that they offer a minimal life in nature. However, if desired, larger living spaces can be created by increasing the number of Boxes. Boxes contain all the comfort elements that will make your life easier. You can always feel the naturalness and peace offered by nature. Based on the minimal life philosophy, it offers a plain, simple, free, detached, and active life. There are many different plots of land in our country with many natural beauties and structural features. This type of construction on these lands does not disrupt the integrity of nature and liberates you more with the comfort you have.


Con-imex creates new lives for you with its nearly 20 years of industry experience, designs that comply with the legislation and smart solutions. Con-imex offers you different models and alternatives with Box designs that suit your needs. Boxes are made of light steel frames and designed with patented profiles. Light steel was used on the walls and roofs. Single-storey or up to 4-storey structures can be manufactured with boxes. They have a natural interior and specially designed exterior and are efficient thermally insulated products. All electrical and water installations are ready in the system and shipped to you for on-site connection.