One Life Tiny House

When we think about One Life, the first definition that comes to mind is 'tiny house'. These houses and this way of life primarily emerged from the idea of ​​making a simple and comfortable life for people living in western countries. Tiny House is a nice alternative for modern urban people who want to live life in touch with nature, but also do not want to give up comfort. The general preference reason for these houses is that they offer a minimal life in nature. Tiny Houses have been an opportunity for those who want to get away from city life. Tiny Houses are a very attractive option for those who prefer calmness, staying away from the noise of the city and a freedom. Shortly, it is an ideal way of life for those who want a small home life and peace. It offers you the opportunity to take up different hobbies and discover yourself. It contains comfort that will make your life easier. You can always feel the naturalness and peace offered by nature. Based on the minimal life philosophy, it offers a plain, simple, free, detached, and active life. It is more economical and more accessible than other living spaces. Being portable always gives you a sense of freedom. In our country, there are many natural beauties with title deeds but without a zoning permit. According to the zoning law, construction is not allowed in these areas. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Con-imex, One Life builds new lives for you with its designs in compliance with the legislation and smart and optimal solutions in places with zoning problems.

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