Con-panel / SIP Camlock Panel Houses

Con-panel building system, made of structural insulated panels with cam-lock feature, is designed to fulfill the need of low-cost housing projects all over the world.

General Features:

· Modular cam-lock system panels
· Design flexibility
· Polyurethane insulated
· Offers various type of panel thickness and cladding options according to clients requirements
· Fast and quick assembly

Technical Features:

· 45kg/m³ polyurethane insulated panels with cam-lock system. Both surfaces of the panels are covered with cement board. Single panel size is 1200x2500mm.
· Panel thickness: 60 mm / 80 mm / 100 mm
· Board thickness: 6 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm
· Insulation thickness: 48mm – 88 mm