Heavy-Duty Living Containers

Con-solid / Heavy Duty Living Containers is basically designed by reinforcing the Con-flat / Modular Living Containers’ system to provide living containers for heavy duty purposes. Con-imex expanded its product range with this new product ‘Con-solid’ in last quarter of 2012.

General Features:

· Ability to join modules in any given direction which offers you to create any type of area         required
· The system is carried both by the columns and walls
· The system allows you to design projects up to 2 storey buildings
· The use of a single middle chassis in multistorey structures that serves both as a floor and     a ceiling
· Electric cabling is made inside the ceiling and walls
· 6 units of 20 feet modules can be loaded in a single TIR truck
· 2 units of 20 feet assembled modules can be loaded in a single TIR truck
· Can be erected on level concrete ground or on concrete blocks