Ongoing Projects

Below is a list of ongoing Con-imex projects around the world.

Project: Tera Company Con-Steel University Building (3300m²)
Place: Kirkuk / Iraq

Project: Tera Company Con-Flat Administrative Building (646m²)
Place: Kirkuk / Iraq

Project: İntaya & EGY & İntes Adi Ortaklığı Con-flat Site Mobilization Buildings (Total Area: 1797m²)
Place: İstanbul / Turkey

Project: Çukurova University Excavation Site Con-flat Camp Buildings (Total Area: 462m²)
Place: Adana / Turkey

Project: Lange & Grant Commodities Ltd. Con-flat Office & Camp Buildings (Total Area: 573m²)
Place: Nijeria

Project: Ersöz İnşaat Con-frame Administrative Building (Total Area: 1.030m²)
Place: Adana / Turkey